Janni Norup
Attorney-at-law, partner,
Admitted to the Danish High Court

Areas of expertise

Janni earned a Master of Laws (LLM) from Aarhus University in 2008. Her primary area of practice is family and inheritance law.

She deals with a range of family law issues, including the division of marital property, probate cases administered by the court or an executor, separations, and cases regarding custody, primary residence, and visitation rights.

Janni advises clients on drafting wills and prenuptial agreements and on issues of inheritance law. She advises heirs, represents heirs as a court-appointed administrator, and oversees the administration of estates of deceased persons. She also handles cases involving the interpretation of wills.

In addition, Janni works with cases of placement outside the home, including the voluntary and involuntary placement of children, and she represents cases before the local committees for children and young people, as well as before the National Board of Social Appeals and the Danish courts.

Janni also provides advice in criminal cases and litigates all types of criminal cases, both as defense attorney and as legal representative for the victim. She takes on civil suits as well.

For the Mary Foundation, Janni provides pro bono legal assistance to the Advice for Life project. She also lectures and holds seminars in her areas of competency.

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