Jan Toft Olesen
Attorney-at-law, partner
Admitted to the Danish Supreme Court

Jan Toft Olesen received his Master of Laws from Aarhus University in 1996. His primary area of practice is in legal issues related to industry and commerce, particularly in real estate, finance, and insolvency law.

Jan advises real estate clients on construction, tenancy, and conveyancing issues. He also handles legal proceedings in these areas, particularly cases involving construction and housing law.

Jan has been appointed trustee for a number of bankruptcy estates, as well as overseeing the restructuring of companies in default for bankruptcy courts.

In addition, he provides advice on general matters of commercial law, including corporate law. He assists clients in setting up companies and with changes in corporate circumstances.

Jan Toft Olesen serves on the board of several companies and independent institutions. In this capacity, he draws on the expertise he gained in earning his graduate diploma in business administration (accounting).


Master of Laws (LLM), Aarhus University, 1996
Admission to practice law, 1999
Entitled to appear before the Danish high courts
Entitled to appear before the Danish Supreme Court

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