Nicolai A. Clausen
Attorney-at-law, partner,
Admitted to the Danish Supreme Court

Nicolai A. Clausen earned a Master of Laws in 1993 and was admitted to practice law three years later. His focuses primarily on advising commercial businesses, especially on matters of contract law, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, real estate, and intellectual property law (including the protection of trademarks, patents, and designs).

As a certified board attorney, Nicolai works with management issues for a variety of companies, either as a board member or as a permanent adviser to the board. He also holds a part-time lectureship in property law at Aarhus University.

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Gitte Boesen
+45 91 356 765


Aarhus, Viborg


T:+45 70 300 500

M:+45 24 607 202

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