John H. Jeppesen
Attorney-at-law, partner,
Admitted to the Danish Supreme Court

Areas of expertise

John Jeppesen earned a Master of Laws (LLM) from Aarhus University in 1988 and a graduate diploma in business administration (finance) in 1995. He assists business and private clients with legal proceedings and dispute resolution, handling cases on a wide range of issues – from the exorbitant costs charged that leasing companies charge for photocopiers, to the dismissal of disloyal employees and exemptions from matrimonial liability claims.

John also regularly litigates cases concerning marketing issues such as patent violations, product imitation, trademark disputes, and the calculation of compensation claims after unjustified restraining orders.

In addition, John has been involved in education for a number of years. He is currently the board chair of Dania Academy of Higher Education and a board member of Danske Erhvervsakademier, the national organization of business academies. The Danish Bar and Law Society has also appointed him an external examiner for the litigation examination of assistant attorneys.

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